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Friday, August 26, 2005

Is there anyone out there not on vacation or travel?

So, Howard Rogers is in New Zealand, Tom Kyte is in Iceland (and heading to the rest of Europe), Jonathan Lewis was in Norway yesterday and is in Lithuania next week, and everyone from Burleson Consulting is in an undisclosed location -- I don't know where it is but it sure ain't North Carolina.

I get two nights with the family in a travel trailer up in Buena Vista (pronounced "Byoona Vista" by the locals, it seems). Oh, I'll be in Dayton, Ohio for the Air Force Marathon next month (no, not me -- the wife is running the half-marathon).

What exactly am I doing wrong?


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Thomas Kyte said...

What exactly am I doing wrong?

Constantly being "hooked on phonics" and spelling Jonathan's name wrong I think :)

At 11:23 AM, Blogger David Aldridge said...

Dammit! Shouldn't you be on a glacier or in a bar somewhere? Stop squandering my imaginary trip to Iceland.

Anyway, I've been concentrating on not hyphenating "its" this week, so my attention wandered.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger David Aldridge said...

"hyphentating". Tut.

"Apostrophising", I mean.

At 2:36 AM, Anonymous OracleDoc said...

Some people don't have the time to go galavanting around the world.

*pffffttt* lame excuse "oh I have to give a speach at a conference in Prague". That's code for my home office is driving me nuts and I have to get out of here. :)

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Thomas Kyte said...

Oh, I wish it were a speech, it is a 3 day seminar followed by a 1 day seminar. By Friday I'll be saying "stick a fork in me, I am very much done".

At 1:39 PM, Blogger David Aldridge said...

We could send a car package, if we could predict what country you'd be in. Clean socks, soft toilet tissue, bar of chocolate, hardcopy of concepts guide ...

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Mike Borden said...

Hey, at least you guys get to travel work related or not. I have to sit in a cube day after day......boring.

The marathon sounds good though. Maybe you can do it next time. :) They are good stress relievers.



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