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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yahoo Instant Messenger Out, Trillian In

Working remotely from my client as I do, I make a lot of use of instant messaging. I made the serious error of upgrading to the latest version and have watched in amusement as it's memory usage often goes northwards of hundreds of megabytes. The record was 1.2Gb ... nice!

Even when freshly started it squats there hogging 15Mb, and usually hovers between 30Mb and 50Mb, which is inexcusable for software that basically lets me type stuff to other people.

So Yahoo Instant Messenger is officially Bad Software, and I've replaced it with Trillian Basic 3.1 ... I'll be watching it very closely, but so far it hasn't done anything unpleasant and uses a fraction of the memory.


At 2:33 PM, Blogger DaPi said...

That's 21st century software for you - thanks to virtual memory your address spaces can be infinite. And since you run Oracle, you have an infinite number of disks too.

I've just spent much too long installing and then uninstalling Nero7 - requires 500MB disk for the installation: 250MB for the installed programs and 250MB temporary stuff that it fails to delete afterwards. All that just to add bells and whistles to what WinXP mostly does for free. (What would you suggest to use with Fedora4?)

And I strongly suspect that 60+% of startup time is spent loading Norton Anti-Virus. If anyone asks me now why I have a computer, the answer is easy: it's so I can run NAV. (Time for AVS!)


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