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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More Technology Problems

The other day I described the passing on of my crappy Lexmark printer, and since then technology has been kicking back.

My crappy Phillips DVD/VCR combo now refuses to play any disks, and from searching the web this appears to be a common issue. No help from "support" so it's getting relegated to a kids VCR player. Hopefully they won't be too gentle with it. I've replaced it with the cheapest I can find -- $38.

Then I went to a coffee shop and took out my new Tungsten C, then nearly dropped it because it was too hot to hold! This was one seriously toasty piece of electronics -- some electrical fault I suppose, but needless to say that was the end of it. Circuit City swapped it for a new one no-questions-asked though, so we'll see how Son of Tungsten C holds up.

Hopefully trouble comes in threes and there'll be no more cheeky electronic shenanigans from now on, 'cos that garage floor is still available and it ain't getting any softer if you know what I mean.


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